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Chris Robinsons success story

Chris Robinson

2 years at Blue Crab Fitness

I started CrossFit as a fitness substitution for soccer after sustaining one too many injuries. Since day one, Rick and Lura, along with all the other coaches, have been wonderful, and have worked with me through my limitations to help me improve every da...

Chris Chizmadias success story

Chris Chizmadia

2 years at Blue Crab Fitness

WOW!! When I saw the picture of myself at my daughter’s prom party, I knew I had to do something. I signed up for Blue Crab Fitness the next day! I have been a member ever since. The support and encouragement I have gotten from members, other coac...

Luke Hesss success story

Luke Hess

2 years at Blue Crab Fitness

My wife and I have been going to Blue Crab Fitness from the time it started in the Fleece’s driveway. We have made this an important part of our lives, and have reaped the benefits of it. Not only on the fitness side, but from the community at Blue Crab...

Emily Clarkes success story

Emily Clarke

6 years at Blue Crab Fitness

Having been a part of many CrossFit communities over the years, I can say with certainty that Blue Crab Fitness is exceptional in the development of athletes, novice athletes in particular. Rick and Lura’s ability to train new members in the ways of the...

Curtis Rogerss success story

Curtis Rogers

2 years at Blue Crab Fitness

Before BCF I weighed close to 250 pounds and my joints and feet ached quite often. Now I’m down to 210 pounds, with a lot of added muscle, and have far fewer body pains. I’ve joined traditional gyms in the past but without any clear direction or motiv...

Cyndi Friess success story

Cyndi Fries

10+ years at Blue Crab Fitness

I love Crossfit !! It is so rewarding!! I have belonged to 3 other boxes, BCF by far has the best coaches, programming and wonderful people, and what a beautiful box!  I especially love that Crossfit is different every day, and I love the motivation from...

KAREN EAMESs success story


2 years at Blue Crab Fitness

I have struggled with my weight and food addiction for nearly 10 years, around the same time I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and high blood pressure. Since then I've dabbled in long distance running, traditional Globo Gyms and did a compl...

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