Lauren Crocetti



  • CrossFit Level 1


  • B.S. of Exercise Science

Lauren Crocetti has spent her life committed to physical fitness and public service. Her journey began nine years ago when she discovered CrossFit, using it as a way to stay in shape after graduating college and retiring from 13 years of competitive cheerleading. With a passion for fitness and a desire to help others achieve their goals, Lauren transitioned into coaching. She has been coaching CrossFit for the past five years, drawing from her extensive experience in small group classes and one-on-one personal training that spans a decade. Before embarking on her career as a professional firefighter, Lauren managed a federal gym and worked in the corporate wellness field. Her multifaceted background in fitness and wellness set the stage for her current role as a firefighter, which she has proudly served in for almost five years. In addition to her primary responsibilities, Lauren also takes on the role of a special response team paramedic, serves as an instructor for the recruit PT program, and is an operator of the swift water rescue team within the department. Outside of her demanding profession, Lauren’s love for the gym remains a constant in her life. It’s where she finds solace, strength, and a sense of purpose. It is also a necessity in life to keep her prepared for the physical and mental demands of her job. Whether at work or working out, Lauren Crocetti exemplifies a tireless dedication to helping and bettering both herself and her community.