Julie Costantino

Coach, Nutritionist


  • CrossFit Level 1, Precision Nutrition Level 1

Julie’s journey begins in her beloved Maryland, where she was born and raised. She now calls Woodbine her home, alongside her husband Brad and their son, Logan. Her story is one of athletic prowess, starting with a childhood filled with competitive sports, where soccer emerged as her true passion. Her soccer journey led her to the youth national level and eventually to college. However, after college, Julie found herself in search of something to fill the competitive void left by her soccer days. She embarked on various fitness phases, including running, P90X, and Globo Gym workouts, but none quite satisfied her craving for challenge and growth. In 2016, destiny intervened when her brother-in-law invited her and Brad to try a CrossFit class. From that day forward, she was hooked! CrossFit provided the consistent physical and mental challenges she craved, with endless opportunities for improvement. Julie’s favorite movements include any Olympic lift, burpees (yes, burpees!), and box jumps. Julie’s dedication to CrossFit didn’t stop at personal satisfaction. In 2019, she began coaching CrossFit Kids classes, and later that year, she pursued her CrossFit Level 1 certificate. In 2020, she expanded her coaching repertoire to include adult classes. She even co-founded a nutrition group at her previous gym and earned her Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification in 2021. Her passion for helping others reach their fitness goals and fostering a love for wellness spans across both children and adults. In the fall of 2022, Julie and her family embarked on a new chapter, moving to Western Howard County. They made fitness a family affair by becoming part of Blue Crab Fitness. When she’s not in the gym or cheering on Logan in his sports endeavors, Julie finds joy in outdoor activities like gardening, hiking, and capturing the beauty of nature through her photography. Moreover, she contributes her talents to Howard County Government, where she’s actively involved in environmental sustainability and climate resiliency programs.