Kids "Summer Strong" Program

Two classes a week filled with fitness and fun for your littles!

June 26 & 28

July 10 & 12

July 24 & 26

August 7 & 9

KidStrong Finale – August 11


What is it? Two classes a week filled with fitness, games, challenges, and outdoor fun! Think “Field Day 2.0”! Each week will have a different theme!

Why? Learn new fitness movements, practice different skills, and engage in challenging games to prepare for the “KidStrong Finale” at Blue Crab Fitness!



Blue Crab Fitness is now offering a Saturday CrossFit Kids class!

This class will focus on a combination of both functional fitness and basic gymnastics skills, covering all kids from ages 5 to 10.

Classes will be held on each Saturday from 8:30-9:15 am.

We are offering both monthly memberships for $60/child and an individual class option.

Use the link below to register your kids today!