Chris has always been a competitive athlete and found CrossFit because of that nature. Being a former football player, Chris loved the camaraderie and competition that came with playing the game. During his college years at McDaniel, his small stature started to dictate how far football would take him but he still had his competitive fire. In 2015, he discovered CrossFit with a couple of friends. Chris had heard that the workouts were super intense however, there was a rumor that you will lose your strength and muscle along the way so he was a bit skeptical with trying them (DISCLAIMER: that is 100% false, you do not lose strength or muscle in CrossFit). After giving a couple of workouts a try, Chris immediately felt a calling to the sport side of CrossFit and the rest is history. After hopping around a couple of CrossFit boxes over the years, Chris found his home at Blue Crab Fitness in the Fall of 2018.
Why CrossFit?
Chris loves CrossFit mainly because of how it is a test of ones character. Whether you compete in the sport aspect, or just enjoy attending daily classes at your local box, he believes CrossFit workouts test both your toughness and your willingness to grow both physically and mentally. Chris enjoys how CrossFit is all inclusive, open to all ages and backgrounds and he enjoys helping everyone achieve their fitness goals while showing others that they can push past their limits.
When not coaching/working, Chris can be found training for sanctional competition, or eating.
Favorite Quote
For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
-Romans 6:23

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