In 2004, Catherine was a homeschooling mom of six children, and 20 pounds overweight.  She decided to use a home exercise bike three times a week and eat more healthfully.  She saw results and was soon enjoying workout DVDs.  In 2016, her son Luke had joined a local CrossFit box and become certified as a trainer.  He suggested she try out CrossFit.  She had misgivings about her ability to keep up and about exercising in a group setting in front of other people, but her son was persistent.  It was a year before she decided to give CrossFit a try, and she quickly fell in love with it.  All her misgivings were put to rest. Athletes in the classes are kind and motivating, encouraging her to do her best each day.  The workouts are more varied, intense, and comprehensive than DVD workouts, so they can be short and still give more benefit.  CrossFit is an investment in health.  She joined Blue Crab Fitness in November 2018 and loves her Blue Crab Family!

Catherine is inspired by people who overcome challenges to regular exercise, such as having young children in the home, busy schedules, or physical limitations to movement.  She has a heart for people who, like her, spent many years physically inactive.  It’s never too late to start!  You will see results!  She loves that CrossFit workouts are scalable as needed, and yet challenging enough for advanced athletes.  Everyone in class is doing their best that day, and we celebrate each other’s victories. 

She is grateful that her son persisted in recommending CrossFit.  She is also so grateful to Rick and Lura Fleece, who encouraged her to become Level 1 certified in August 2019.  She loves coaching the Burn class; it is an absolute blast!  In addition to CrossFit, Catherine is a DONA certifying birth doula and an online reseller.

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