Athlete of the MonthJanuary

Brad and Kathy Bowser

Years at Blue Crab Fitness: 3

"Living the dream"

Brad sells Costa Sunglasses and Kathy is a software engineer. While Kathy was born and raised in sunny Columbia, MD, Brad had to suffer growing up in the USVI. We have 2 boys, that most of you have met at the gym, Mitchell 20 at Univ of South Carolina and Carson 18 enlisted with the Navy.

How did you get started at Blue Crab Fitness?
Started at Western Regional Park for a free trial class, became addicted and joined the driveway crew.
What is your favorite part about coming to the gym?
Family, laughter, and all the FUN workouts.
What is your favorite WOD?
To many to list.
What is your favorite lift?
Outside of Blue Crab Fitness, what are your favorite things to do?
Hike, wine/bourbon tasting, family time, Jamaica.
What is your favorite cheat meal?
Pretzel Pizza
What motto or phrase do you live by?
Living the dream.
What is your favorite music to listen to while working out?
Angry music or Lion King
What is one thing you have done and/or accomplished at BCF that you never thought you would do?
Toes to bar, snatches, box jumps, burpees, the list is endless
What are your goals for this year?
String together multiple toes to bar.

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