Abby McSally



  • CrossFit Level 1 Online

Abby’s journey into the world of fitness began with a passion for lacrosse, a sport she had dedicated herself to throughout her entire life. However, as the years went by, the demands of competitive lacrosse began to take their toll. It was during her junior year, at a crossroads between exhaustion and a desire for a new challenge, that she discovered CrossFit. Initially, it was just a means of preparing for lacrosse, but it quickly evolved into something far greater. CrossFit became her escape from burnout, a never-ending source of challenge, and a journey of self-discovery. It was not only about the physical trials but also the incredible sense of community it offered and the mental resilience it demanded. In July 2020, she walked into Blue Crab Fitness for the first time, and from that moment, she was hooked. The supportive atmosphere, the constant drive to improve, and the camaraderie among members hooked her. Since then, she has immersed herself in the world of CrossFit, pushing her limits, expanding her knowledge, and leaving behind the burnout. Now, Abby is proud to say that she’s not only a dedicated CrossFit enthusiast but also a coach. What fuels her passion for coaching is the opportunity to share her love for CrossFit and fitness with others. Being able to impart her knowledge and experience to help individuals on their fitness journeys is incredibly fulfilling. What she cherishes most about coaching is the incredible people it has brought into her life and the unforgettable experiences they’ve shared.